Goldeimer x WILDPLASTIC®

The first toilet paper that cleans up the world!

Goldeimer and WILDPLASTIC® join forces

for a world without wild plastic and toilets for all!

At first glance, our missions sound different, but at second glance it becomes clear that we are working towards the same goals: Protecting nature and improving living and working conditions.

WILDPLASTIC® is tackling the plastic crisis, Goldeimer is tackling the sanitation crisis. Tackling complex crises requires not one, but many ideas, perspectives and, above all, collaborations.

This is exactly what we wanted to tackle with Goldeimer and have managed to wrap the social toilet paper in new packaging made of WILDPLASTIC®. Because it takes many of us, actually all of us, to make a difference!

The Goldeimer packaging

  • currently consists of 50% WILDPLASTIC®
  • is 100% recyclable
  • cleans up the environment
  • is made in Germany

The Process

It can't be that difficult

About four years ago, Malte from Goldeimer and Chris from WILDPLASTIC® met at an event. After a brief conversation, it was immediately clear to them: We want to make a difference together! How hard can it be to wrap toilet paper in wild plastic?

Four years later

Fact is: it was harder than we thought! Four years have passed since this meeting, during which we have worked together to find out how to package the social toilet paper from Goldeimer in WILDPLASTIC® and whether the material is suitable.

Testing, testing, testing

In August 2023, the first tests with WILDPLASTIC® material were carried out together with the partners Bischof & Klein and WEPA and in the same month (how cool is that?!) the first Goldeimer packaging with WILDPLASTIC® was produced. Of course, both we and Goldeimer visited the factory for this important day.

The toilet paper with even more impact

Since February 2024, all Goldeimer toilet paper packaging is made of 50% WILDPLASTIC® and is therefore now twice as effective.

But this is just the beginning! Our common goal is to further increase the proportion of WILDPLASTIC® in Goldeimer packaging and thus remove even more wild plastic from the environment.

With WILDPLASTIC® as a packaging material, we can contribute to saving wild plastic from the environment. It is important to us to retrieve the material from countries without existing recycling structures and reintegrate it into existing recycling systems.

Malte Schremmer, Co-Founder Goldeimer gGmbH


What we guarantee

  • Quality assurance and technical expertise
  • An external life cycle analysis for all products
  • Concrete and measurable CO2 savings
  • Traceability of the material
  • Certificate of material origin


  • Wild plastic is returned from the environment to the recycling cycle
  • Up to 60% less CO2 emissions in comparison to virgin plastic
  • Better working conditions for collectors
Now the time has finally come. We've done it and can see the joint result on supermarket shelfs! Goldeimer toilet paper in a bag with 50% WILDPLASTIC®. As a Key Account Manager of a large company like WEPA, it's great to see that belief in a cause can move mountains and that we have been able to integrate the WILDPLASTIC® material into our cycles and production processes.

Julia Luig, Key Account Manager WEPA

The social toilet paper

  • 100% recycled paper
  • Unbleached and made from recycled cardboard
  • "Blue Angel" certified
  • All proceeds go towards Goldeimer's charitable work and support education, awareness and access to water, sanitation and hygiene worldwide

The material


Low density polyethylene
Application: blown film extrusion
Products: Soft packaging solutions (e.g. garbage bags or mailing bags)

From waste to toilet paper packaging

Where does the wild plastic actually come from and how is it processed?

1. Recover

In countries without sufficient waste management systems, such as India and Indonesia, wild plastic is collected and sorted by collectors. The material is then washed and shredded.

2. Sorting

The wild plastic is then recycled and processed into granulate. This turns wild waste back into a valuable resource.

3. Recycle

Next, the WILDPLASTIC® granulate is processed into circular products such as the Goldeimer toilet paper packaging.

4. Goldeimer packaging

The finished packaging is then transported to the Goldeimer warehouse and to all retail partners, from where it ends up in your bathroom.

Sustainable packaging solutions are the focus of our daily developments and mechanical recycling is the most sustainable solution for many product areas, especially in the hygiene sector. In our opinion, partnerships and networks are the basic prerequisite for successful sustainability work and the project with Wepa, WILDPLASTIC® and Goldeimer is the best proof of this thesis. We will continue on this path together in the future and the current success is motivation for further sustainability challenges.

Nico Fehlhauer, Globaler Key Account Manager Bischof+Klein

Let's free the world from wild plastic waste!

It takes many of us, actually all of us. That's why we're delighted that companies like Goldeimer, OTTO and Hermes are working with us to make a difference.

If you are interested in working with WILDPLASTIC® for your products or have questions about this case study, please send us an e-mail.

Let's talk!