The first sustainable mailing bag made of WILDPLASTIC®

+ Avoids virgin plastic
+ Cleans up the environment
+ Improves working conditions
+ Saves up to 60% CO2 in comparison to virgin plastic

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The WILDmailingbags stand out as the first regenerative mailing solution

They pave the way for a circular plastics economy in the packaging industry. Starting with the OTTOBAG, which was developed in collaboration with OTTO, our mailing bags have now evolved into a broad WILDPLASTIC® range.

Today, an array of companies can opt for WILDPLASTIC® shipping bags for their product deliveries, playing a pivotal role in liberating our environment from plastic waste while simultaneously curbing the dependence on virgin plastics.

+ 100% recyclable
+ supporting circular economy initiatives
+ Contributes significantly to environmental cleanup
+ Tear-resistant and water-repellent for secure shipping
+ Crafted from opaque regranules for privacy and protection
+ Manufactured in Germany, ensuring quality and reliability
+ Customizable with individual labeling options
+ Perfectly suited for shipping textiles
+ Combines lightweight design with robust durability

Transparent supply chains are not a marketing tool for us.

Hence, we introduced the WILDtracker, ensuring traceability of all WILDPLASTIC® products back to their origin, upholding transparency and commitment to genuine sustainability.

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Product features

The WILDmailingbags are available in different sizes and can be personalized to suit your brand!

WILDmailingbags S

Size: 245mm x 320mm (+50mm)
Material thickness: 60µ
Tensile strength: high


Size: 325mm x 400mm (+50mm)
Material thickness: 60µ
Tensile strength: high


Size: 400mm x 500mm (+50mm)
Material thickness: 60µ
Tensile strength: high

Our WILDmailingbags are available in the following packages


Amount: 1.000 - 50.000
Sizes: S, M, L
Design: WILDPLASTIC® Logo + Print
Options: none


Amount: 50.000 - 500.000
Sizes: S, M, L
Design: WILDPLASTIC® Logo + Print
Options: none


Amount: > 500.000
Sizes: individual, S, M, L
Design: individual
Options: Coloring, handles, custom printing

Go wild, go wildplastic

Choose our Mailing Bags to convey a strong message and build your customers’ confidence. Our WILDmailingbags are backed by:

  • Complete material traceability via our WILDtracker
  • Verifiable real-world impact, assessed through our Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
  • Assured quality control from WILDPLASTIC®."

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