Hermes Germany X WILDPLASTIC®

Hermes x WILDPLASTIC®: Pioneering Sustainable Return Mailing Bags

Simply return goods in WILDPLASTIC® bags

''Together against plastic waste'' is the motto of the cooperation between WILDPLASTIC and Hermes Germany. Since September 2023, the Hermes return mailing bag that is made out of WILDPLASTIC® has been available free of charge in all Hermes ParcelShops.

If the original packaging is too large, broken, or no longer available, customers can pick up a return mailing bag made out of WILDPLASTIC® with their return label at any Hermes ParcelShop, fill it, and send it off. Hermes Germany believes in our mission to rid the world of wild plastic waste. Our cooperation sets an example on the way to a circular economy in the packaging sector.

The Return Bag
Cleans up the environment
Is 100% recycable
Made in EU
Is light weighted

From waste to return mailing bag

Where does Wild Plastic actually come from and how is it processed?

1. Recover

In countries without adequate waste management systems, collectors collect the Wild Plastic by hand. To guarantee safe working conditions, we work closely with local organizations and are regularly on site ourselves.

2. Refurbish

After the material has been sorted, it is washed, shredded and processed into granules. Wild Plastic thus becomes a valuable resource again.

3. Recycle

In the final production step, the WILDPLASTIC® granules are further processed into round products such as Hermes return mailing bags.

4. WILDmailingbag

The finished returns mailing bags are then delivered to all 16,500 Hermes ParcelShops in Germany so that customers can use them for their Hermes returns.

Sustainability at Hermes Germany

As a parcel logistics provider, Hermes Germany's goal is to make parcel shipping and receiving as precise and flexible as possible for business clients and end customers.

In addition to providing attractive customer services, Hermes Germany is systematically working to contribute to climate protection and reduce CO2 emissions. With this in mind, the company is working intensively on future-proof solutions for sustainable mobility and an efficient infrastructure. Important building blocks here are the successive electrification of the company's own vehicle fleet, the use of cargo bikes, intelligent, digital route planning, and consolidated delivery to ParcelShops. Climate protection is an existential issue that affects us all and is rightly increasingly demanded by customers.

The Process

First Steps

Since 2021, there has been an official partnership between OTTO, a subsidiary of Hermes Germany within the Otto Group, and WILDPLASTIC®. Within this framework, the OTTOBAG, a mailing bag made out of Wild Plastic, was developed. The partnership has also brought WILDPLASTIC® to the attention of the logistics company.


In mid-2023, discussions began between Hermes Germany and WILDPLASTIC® with the idea of jointly developing the first Hermes return bag made out of Wild Plastic. After further discussions and coordination, the order went into production in August 2023.


Since September 2023, the Hermes returns bag has been available free of charge in all 16,500 Hermes ParcelShops. It can be used for all Hermes returns if the original packaging of an item to be returned is too large, broken or no longer available.


Together with a strong partner like Hermes Germany we can recover more valuable Wild Plastic from the environment. We are so glad that we were able to inspire Hermes Germany with our mission.

"We are delighted to have such a competent and committed cooperation partner at our side in WILDPLASTIC."

In conversation with Hermes Germany: Why did you choose WILDPLASTIC®?

"When searching for an environmentally and resource-friendly solution that simultaneously meets the requirements in the logistical process and can be easily integrated into the processes at the Parcel Shop, we have explored various materials."

"In this context, the WILDPLASTIC® solution proved to be particularly suitable compared to other variants. In addition, the approach of recovering plastic waste from the environment and giving it back its value as a resource is a project worthy of support. Last but not least, the bag has already proven its worth in everyday logistics through the existing cooperation between WILDPLASTIC® and OTTO, which, like us, is part of the Otto Group."


What we guarantee

  • Quality assurance and technical know-how
  • LCA confirmed by third party
  • Concrete and measurable CO2 savings
  • Traceability of the material
  • Certificate of material origin
  • Project management during the entire process


  • Wild Plastic gets recovered from the environment
  • Up to 60% less CO2 emissions for your products
  • Days with better working conditions for waste workers
"The WILDPLASTIC® solution proved to be particularly suitable for us compared to other materials on both the environmental and technical level."


Hermes return bags are made out of Wild LDPE sourced from various partner countries around the world such as India, Indonesia or Ghana:


Low Density Polyethylen
Application: Blowfilm Extrusion
Products: Soft packaging solutions (eg. waste bags, shipping bags
and other foil applications)

Interested? Let's free the world from Wild Plastic.

It takes many of us, actually all of us, to make a real impact. That's why we are very happy that companies like Hermes Germany want to cooperate with us and make a statement.

If you are also interested in working with WILDPLASTIC® for your products or have any questions about this collaboration, please send us an email to or use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Our WILDmailingbags

The Hermes return bag was developed from our WILDMailingbag, the first mailing bag made out of Wild Plastic.

Our WILDmailingbags are available in different sizes and can be personalized for your brand.

WILDmailingbags S

Size: 245mm x 320mm (+50mm)
Material Thickness: 60µ
Tensile Strength: hoch


Size: 325mm x 400mm (+50mm)
Material Thickness: 60µ
Tensile Strength: hoch


Size: 400mm x 500mm (+50mm)
Material Thickness: 60µ
Tensile Strength: hoch

Our WILDmailingbags are available in the following packages


1.000 - 50.000 WILDmailingbags
Sizes: S, M, L
Design: WILDPLASTIC® Logo + Print


50.000 - 500.000 WILDmailingbags
Sizes: S, M, L
Design: WILDPLASTIC® Logo + Print


> 500.000 WILDmailingbags
Sizes: individual, S, M, L
Design: Individual design on your WILDmailingbag (Coloring, handles, custom printing)

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