A world without wild plastic waste

That is the vision of WILDPLASTIC®

What we already achieved

490.600 kg


1.003.532 kg


10.704 days


6.300.000.000 tons

Since the 1950s, 6.3 billion tons of plastic waste have been produced worldwide. Every year, 400 million tons of virgin plastic are produced - and the trend is rising. How much of this plastic waste has actually been recycled so far?

9% has been recycled
12% has been incinerated
79% is still in the environment

This amount of plastic waste in the environment has a huge impact on people and nature. We need to do something now to rid our world of wild plastic waste.

From trash to resource

WILDPLASTIC was founded with the mission of ridding the world of wild plastic waste. Wild plastic is all the plastic that is found outside the recycling cycle in illegal landfills, in nature or on the streets.

We together with our partners we recover this material and process it into new products.

With the idea of the WILDBAG - a rubbish bag made of wild plastic - WILDPLASTIC® started on a wild journey that continues to this day.

Our partners make is possible

The Organizations

We work in close collaboration with local organizations to remove wild plastic from the environment. This makes sense for us because, on the one hand, the organizations have important expertise for the local conditions and, on the other hand, we do not want to interfere with existing structures, but rather support them. Our wild plastic currently comes from India, Thailand, Indonesia, Senegal and Sierra Leone.

The business partners

We won't be able to free the entire world of wild plastic on our own. That's why we're working with companies like OTTO. Together with OTTO, we have developed the first mailing bag made from wild plastic. But WILDPLASTIC can be so much more. That's why we are always on the lookout for other partners who want to work with us to recover wild plastic from the environment.


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