Recovered from Nature

Impact Material for a circular plastics economy


of global plastic waste is in the environment

200 million

tons of plastic waste worldwide

15 million

individuals in the informal sector work as waste collectors


of all plastics need to be recycled to be Planet-proof

What is Wild Plastic?

Wild Plastic refers to discarded plastics found in the environment, outside the established recycling channels.

Commonly located on streets, in both illegal and open dumpsites, or within nature, especially in regions lacking robust recycling infrastructure. Originating from households in areas with inadequate waste management systems and collection facilities, Wild Plastic, crucially, does not include Ocean Plastic, as intervention occurs prior to potential ocean entry.

How we work

1. Recover

Firstly, our partnered organizations' collectors manually retrieve Wild Plastic from various environments.

2. Refurbish

Following collection, the Wild Plastic undergoes sorting by type, followed by multiple washes to address contamination.

3. Recycle

The cleaned Wild Plastic is transformed into high-quality granules, converting waste into a valuable commodity. These granules are the cornerstone of all our WILDproducts.


In the final step, the WILDgranules are processed into new circular products. Whether these are WILDBAGS or shipping bags - WILDgranules are versatile and can be used in various applications.


Transparent supply chains are not a marketing tool for us. Hence, we introduced the WILDtracker, ensuring traceability of all WILDPLASTIC® products back to their origin, upholding transparency and commitment to genuine sustainability.

Track and Trace
Achieve 60% CO2 Reduction
Foster Trust
Storytelling Kit
WP Impact Widget


The Ottobag - A mailing bag made out of WILDPLASTIC® Impact Material


Awards & Press

Society is ready to create Change

By 2030, 55% of all plastic waste in the EU must be recycled.

Your customers are ready to create Change

53% of the European consumers name plastic waste as one of their top three concerns All generations (Silent - Z) expect brands to become more sustainable.

Let's recover Wild Plastic together!

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