WILDBAGS turn taking out the trash into a statement

7000+ customers are already cleaning up the world with us 🙌

From waste to waste bag

For a world without wild plastic

WILDBAGS are made from wild plastic that we have collected from the environment with our partners.

Our partner organizations are based in countries without adequate waste and recycling systems, such as India, Thailand or Indonesia.

Together with them, we collect the wild plastic from the environment and bring it back into the plastic cycle as a recycled WILDBAG.

Become a plastic rescuer

Over 7000 customers support us

widbags sind mehr als eine mülltüte


With every box sold, you remove several kilograms of plastic waste from the environment

Save CO2 emissions

Our recycled plastic saves up to 60% CO2 compared to conventional waste bags

For Collectors

Together with our partner organizations we ensure better working conditions

Full transparency

Our own supply chain enables you to track your WILDBAG

Twice as sustainable

WILDBAGS clean up and avoid virgin plastic. Every purchase is doubly good for the environment.

Any questions?

We are happy to answer!