Get to know the wild team and our principles.

Our manifest

We are wild

WILD about making products for a better future. WILD to tackle one of the biggest problems of our time instead of just addressing it. WILD to see waste not just as waste, but as a resource that inspires us to find creative, smart, social & holistic solutions. We are WILD to inspire others to join our mission, because it takes a lot of us. Actually, all of us, and we will continue to be WILD until the last shred of wild plastic is removed from nature.

About the founding story

Our actions are based on three values


We are WILD, courageous and try out new things. We grow beyond our limits to fulfill our vision and always keep our lightness and humor.


We take the initiative and assume responsibility for ourselves, the environment and everyone who is affected by our actions. We pursue a holistic and long-term approach.


We invite everyone to be part of the solution: our collectors, customers, partners and suppliers. We trust each other, treat each other as equals and communicate honestly, emphatically and transparently.

Get to know our WILDcrew


Katrin Oeding
Co-Founder und CMO

Christian Sigmund
Co-Founder und CEO

Tim Lampe

Technical Advisor

Dieter Gottschalk
Co-Founder, Projects und Products

Team and Customer Support

Nina Kienert
Head of Headquarter

Jana Deiters
Customer Support

Sourcing Und Produktion

Sandra Fiorino

Maiju Laamanen
Supply Chain Manager

Selen Asina
Material & Production Quality

Projects and Sales

Stella Frank
Project Management

Sina Boelcke
Project Support

Marten Kronemeyer
Sales Manager

Marketing and Design

Ronja Lamberty
Brand & Communications Manager

Matthias Jahn

Laura Melzer
Communication & Storytelling


How we handle mistakes

Every Friday, we celebrate our highlights, but also our challenges and fuck ups of the week. Making mistakes must be de-tabooed and is an integral part of our daily work!


At WILDPLASTIC® everyone gets involved and takes responsibility for their own area. This also brings challenges and we support each other with an open feedback culture.

Share and learn

Once a week, anyone who wants to can share a topic of their choice with everyone in a short keynote speech over lunch. We also invite external guests or partners and get input from outside.

Purpose Ownership

WILDPLASTIC® owns itself

WILDPLASTIC® was founded as a company in steward ownership. This means WILDPLASTIC® can never be sold and belongs to the people who work in the company.


We are majority white*, able-bodied*, cis-gender*, academic, born in Europe and our office is not barrier-free. But we are also aware that it takes all of us to rid the world of wild plastic waste. To do this, we need more perspectives, skills and experience in our team, especially from people affected by the plastic crisis and/or other forms of discrimination. We are currently focusing on this topic in particular in discussions and training sessions.

*White: "Whiteness refers to the dominant and privileged position within the power structure of racism, which otherwise usually remains unspoken and unnamed. [...]"*able-bodied: "People who have no physical impairments. [...]"
*cis-gender: "Conformity of gender identity and the sex assigned to a person at birth [...]"

Further definitions can be found in the Cultural Creative Pilots glossary and at Amnesty International, which we have used as a source.